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Just Cute!

Sometimes you don’t want to be classy or high fashion or anything except for cute! Luckily, that’s super easy to do in Second Life – especially lately!

Style - Just Cute

Have you been to Project Fur Japan yet? No? WHY??? I picked up this Rabbit Stamp shirt from Ange at Project Fur, and I just love it! [This SLurl should take you directly to the vendor.] It comes with 2 colors in the pack and is only $50L, so really, it’s a heck of deal for so much cute.

Speaking of Project Fur AND cute, look at my HAIR! Truth‘s BabyDoll hair is inspired by the movie Sucker Punch, and I’m SO glad he made it because I was 2 seconds away from jumping in his IM to pester him about it. I love it so much, I honestly have NOT worn another hair since I got it last week. You love it, you need it. [This SLurl will take you to the vendor at Project Fur.]

Yesterday, I got this Andrea Head Decor from SoliDea Little Folies and I thought it went perfectly with my hair! I did have to mod it a little to fit my weird shaped head, but sunflowers are pretty much my favorite flower ever, so it was worth it!

I’m heading off to go bounce around and be cute! You guys go be cute too!

In this post:

Skin: Sweetheart in Beguiling 1 by Curio
Hair: BabyDoll in Swedish by Truth [Project Fur Japan]
Shirt: Rabbit Stamp in Green by Ange [Project Fur Japan]
Shorts: Gold Belted Shorts in White by Hucci
Flowers: Andrea Head Decor by SoliDea Little Folies
Necklace: Bottle Charm in Green Heart/Orange Bow by Pink Fuel [Gacha prize!] [Store is temporarily closed for construction]
Gum: Yum Bubble Gum by Pink Fuel [Store is temporarily closed for construction]
Pose by Exposeur

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Here fishie, fishie, fishie…

I love the Pocket Gardens by Stormy Aluveaux and Carter Denja. Anytime I need an instant garden [because I’m horrible at landscaping!], I pull mine out and boom! Insta-pretty! I was super happy to see the new Castalia Basin with Koi, because who doesn’t need some cute fish in their life??

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, small

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, large

Review - Pocket Gardens - Castalia Basin with Koi, both

The basins go really well with the Castalia prefab gardens. Both basins come with color change scripts for the basin itself, and for the roses attached. The fish are so cute and swim in circles. There are even sits on each basin [as shown in the top picture] and one of the best parts? Low prim! The small basin is 7 prims and the large is 10 prims. These are GREAT if you’re in one of the new Linden homes!

These are very affordable, too! The small basin is $125L and the large is $175L. Or get a little discount and get both for $250L! They are copyable, so you can put fish out everywhere!

Go pick up your new koi at Pocket Gardens today!

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What’s in your pocket?

You might have noticed in my last post, I was standing in the middle of some very pretty landscaping. I wish I could take credit for making it all work, but nope. What I was standing in is a Pocket Garden by Carter Denja and Stormy Aluveaux.

The Pocket Garden is absolutely amazing! Especially for someone like me who isn’t all that great at landscaping. Just rez out the size of your choice, and poof! Insta-garden! These are super awesome too because they’re scripted to change the color of the flowers [slightly. It won’t give you crazy colors.] and change the “ground” covering. You have options of having a soil ground, grass, and others. Even an invisible one so your own terrain can show.

They come in 3 different sizes, so there is a size for everyone. 🙂

5×5, 30 prims. $275L.

5×10, 44 prims. $375L.

10×10, 58 prims. $475L.

All of the sizes come with a bench with a couples pose, and the 5×10 and 10×10 come with a single ground sit. There is also an “environmental” background sound that changes with the time of day, a bird that chirps, and you can change the color of the lamp & light. It’s really just a great piece of work! If you regularly buy landscaping items in SL, you can also see what a great bargain you’re getting, especially if you purchase the fatpack of all 3 sizes for $800L. There are also bases and hedges included, which are not shown in these pictures.

The Pocket Gardens are not modifiable or transferable, but you can copy them. I would love to have a mod/copy version option in the future, just to be able to move a few things around, but honestly, these are just perfect as-is.

Go get your own Pocket Garden now! 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Deep Smoke by League
Hair: Juliette in Champagne by Exile
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Outfit: Alicia in Pink/White by Royally [Store is currently unavailable]
Tights & Shoes from the Toe Shoes outfit by Bare Rose
Standing pose by Pffiou!