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Some Things You Can Invent

Hello, beautiful people! I hope your week is going fantastic!

I rarely stray out of my normal style when it comes to what I wear. It’s not really a deliberate thing, I just tend to choose things that I really really like. When I saw that the theme for this month’s round of The Liaison Collaborative is “Cyberlogic,” I wasn’t sure I’d really find anything to blog. But I was wrong, because as I was playing around, this look came together and I LOVE IT!! So you should all go to the event because I just bet you will find something amazing that you love, too.

Style - Some Things You Can Invent

In This Post:

Head: Aida by LeLutka
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Anja by Pink Fuel
Hair: Insomnia by Exile [Belle]
Makeup: Leka by Zibska [The Liaison Collaborative]
Eyes: Cyberlogic by Izzie’s [The Liaison Collaborative]
Tattoo: Project Zero by Fallen Gods Inc. [The Liaison Collaborative]
Photobooth: God Is A Woman by Foxcity

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I Know You By Heart

Hello there, bunnies! After 3 spooky type pics in a row, I needed a change of pace for this evening. We had a really delightful evening at home and truly, I just feel blessed for the SLife I lead.

Style - I Know You By Heart

I’m wearing the Enchantress Timide dress by Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. that you can get at Wayward Halloween. It’s a rare item, but oh gosh, sooo worth playing for! It is just gorgeous! My favorite part is how it kind of pools at the feet and trails out. Love it!

A good up-do works best with this dress, in my opinion, so I paired it up with the Cinnabun hair from the Fall Forever collection by Besom that you can get at The Epiphany. So pretty!

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Cinnabun by Besom [The Epiphany]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands, Eyelids by Slink
Nail Polish: Witchcraft Manicure by Hello Dave
Tattoo: Southpaw by White Widow [The Epiphany]
Dress: Enchantress Timide by Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. [Wayward Halloween]
Pose: Companions by Exposeur [Geeks & Nerds]

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Nothing Comes Easily

Camp is over! It was an amazing, inspiring, emotional, unbelievable time and I’m sad that it’s over. After a week of being in pretty much nothing but shorts and camp shirts, coming home to dress up feels weird! And coming home to try to deal with both SL and Flickr’s issues while I blog… well. *laughs* But I have pretties to show!

Style - Nothing Comes Easily

The Epiphany started last week! This is a really cool gacha event. You play for your goodies like you would any regular gacha. But instead of being left with a ton of commons you might not be able to give away, you can trade these in for points that you can then turn in for fantastic exclusive items! Remember that your points DO roll over to the next round, so if you have leftovers, you won’t lose them. I’m wearing the exclusive Jour Reveur dress that is a collaboration between Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. This dress has a HUD so it can be made longer or shorter, or more revealing up top. It is not rigged for any mesh body, but does seem to work a little better with the Maitreya Lara body. I’m holding the exclusive Fan Clutch purse by Azoury. It has a static animation in it for holding. The Epiphany is open until August 4th.

Wayward Carnival opened up on the 15th, and that is where my awesome Tess platforms by are from! It really is just the most incredible build, too, and there are lots of places for photo opportunities there. The carnival is only open until the 30th, so hop out there fast!

Happy shopping, bunnies, and it’s good to be back!

In This Post:

Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Hair: Kinsley by Truth [New!!]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands, Feet, Eyelids by Slink
Dress: Jour Reveur by Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. [The Epiphany]
Shoes: Tess by [Wayward Carnival]
Purse: Fan Clutch by Azoury [The Epiphany]
Pose & Prop Set: Spanish Patio by Exposeur