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Just Look Over Here

I’ve never been a morning person. Anything I do in the morning usually has to be double checked. That obviously includes photos. But that’s okay – just look at me. Don’t look behind the fountain!

Style - Just Look Over Here

Truth released some new hair yesterday, and I got really excited about the Cyanne hair! I just love hair accessories – scarves, barrettes, etc. This is a long style with the hair down the back. Love!

Have you seen the Eternal eyes at IKON? So very very pretty! I’m wearing the Marine color and truly, you need to see them in person. Pictures do not do these eyes justice!

Barnesworth Anubis put out this amazing Marrakesh Oasis skybox for Collabor88 this month and just being in it makes me think of hot weather, which of course I love! I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this lovely skybox in future posts because it makes an amazing background for pictures.

Have a great weekend!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Shimmer by Pink Fuel
* Plush Lip Glaze added
Eyes: Eternal in Marine by IKON
Hair: Cyanne in Latte by Truth
Top: Thrill Halter in Teal by BOOM
Earrings: Kaleidoscopic Dangle by Addiction
Marrakesh Oasis by Barnesworth Anubis [C88]
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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Oh, I think they do make passes.

I love wearing glasses. In my physical world, I wear contacts almost every day because they’re easy, but in SL, I just adore wearing all kinds of glasses. And I think I actually squealed a little when I put on the new Softpaw glasses from Krystal today. They’re just too cute!

Style - Oh, I think they do make passes.

The glasses are just so sweet and delicate with the tiny little color-change gems and scroll work! I love when people put such fine detailing into things, and these definitely don’t disappoint. Even the ear pieces are detailed! Love love love.

FaMESHed started today, and look at how adorable the new Izumi pigtails from Wasabi Pills are! I’m totally in love with this hair, even if it does make me look a little young. The hair is only partially rigged mesh. The bangs are not rigged, so you can edit and move them around if you need to. I didn’t need to, it fit perfectly out of the box!

Although you can’t see my entire pose, it comes from Status, and Status is 2 years old today! Happy store birthday, Gidge!! 🙂

Okay, enough. It’s time to shop!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Soft Grey by Pink Fuel
Hair: Izumi in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills [FaMESHed]
Eyes: Utopia in Dark Cerulean by IKON
Lashes: NoAlpha N06 by Miamai [Sale going on!]
Glasses: Softpaw in Gold by Krystal
Top: Cook in Blue by coldLogic
Pose by Status

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You’re My Angel

Day 3 of the lingerie challenge! Last year when I was getting married, I received a lovely lingerie set from Mon Cheri called You Are My Angel, which of course reminded me of the Aerosmith song! It’s super pretty, don’t you think?

Style - You're my Angel

It’s a really great set with different colors of stockings and the choice of a thong or bikini panty. And really? Who doesn’t feel just a little more glamorous wearing a boa??

IKON [aka Fashism rebranded] opened their doors today! I loved Fashism’s eyes, so I was excited to see that some were still in the store, along with some brand new eyes! If you’re in the IKON VIP group, there is a free pair for you today at the store. I couldn’t resist buying some new Light Blue eyes.

Style - You're My Angel, Closeup

Loving them!

I need to go dance around and pretend I’m an innocent delicate angel now!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
Hair: Leesa 2 in Auburn w/Roots by Truth
Lingerie: You Are My Angel by Mon Cheri
Eyes: Utopia in Light Blue by IKON
Pose by Long Awkward Pose

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Happy New Bum!

Stumblebum is BACK, baby! This biweekly event made up of some of the grid’s best designers has always been one of my favorites in SL. And they certainly got it started off right this time around!

Style - Happy New Bum!

From Illusory, we have the New Year dress. It’s a stunning little sparkly mini dress, perfect for parties! My pose is from Frooti, and I can honestly say the poses are just as fun as the store name! Truth has brought us the Velvet hair, which is so flippin’ cute and a style I have simply been DYING for!! I’m not wearing them, but there are 2 little color change bows on the curly poofy buns. Oh, you want to see things closer? Okay!

Style - Happy New Bum! - Closeup

Love this hair so hard!! Also in Stumblebum are these super pretty Real Eyes from Insufferable Dastard. And I absolutely cannot have a post without mesh, so luckily for me Aura has these fab Down Pour earrings!

This round of Stumblebum lasts 2 weeks and all items from the designers are NEW, not recolored previous releases. The prices are a little lower for Stumblebum, but remember it’s not a “get your cheap on” type of event. All Stumblebum prices are between 100L-700L. But honestly, they are great prices for great new work, so go get shopping!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Eyes: Real Eyes 4 by Insufferable Dastard [Stumblebum]
Hair: Velvet in Mocha w/roots by Truth [Stumblebum]
Dress: New Year in Seafoam by Illusory [Stumblebum]
Shoes: Breezie Stiletto in Silver by Nardcotix
Earrings: Down Pour in Pearl by Aura [Mesh][Stumblebum]
Poses by Frooti [Stumblebum]

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Beloved Optometry

I am eye picky. No, I mean, I am REALLY REALLY eye picky. The top brands of eyes out there, I usually don’t care for at all. I’ve been a Miriel girl since early last year because the eyes had everything I wanted: clear beautiful colors, shine, they were big but not overly so, and the whites were bright and pretty. Whenever I’ve been complimented on my eyes, it was almost a sure bet that I was wearing Miriel’s Open Ocean color. So when she announced she was closing her doors, I almost wept. And then I ran out to buy every color I wanted and didn’t already have. I like to match my eye color to my clothes sometimes, so I needed a good supply. Since that time I’ve attempted other eyes. I’ve liked almost all that I’ve tried, but nothing ever came close to my Miriels, so I never really made the switch.

When my friend Aisuru Rieko of Beloved Custom Designs asked one night if anyone would be willing to test out a pair of eyes she was making, I jumped at the chance because 1, I love beta testing, and 2, it’s Aisuru. Everything she makes is beautiful.

They were simply gorgeous! And after she fine tuned things…well… Look at the eyes for yourself.

I’m wearing them in Aquamarine, a shimmery blue tone with hints of lavender that just makes my face light up. They are clear, shiny, and OH SO pretty!

Keep in mind I use a bright windlight setting, so the whites aren’t quite how they look on me, they do have more details.

At just $100L a pair, you get 2 sizes of eyes [I’m wearing them in Large, and there is a smaller size], and they are copyable, which is good if you make full outfits. And yes, there is a free pair you can pick up to test them out. Once you do, you will LOVE them!!! Aisu is also in the Starlust Hunt that begins today and there are 3 eyes available. 🙂

Go get some eyes and see your SL better!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Hair: Gemma in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Deviant by Celestial Studios [Available with the purchase of a Deviant Nation Skin]