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Ready For A Fall

Do you ever just stumble upon something and you almost scream with delight because it was JUST what you were looking for, even though you didn’t quite know it? That happened to me today! I was actually on the hunt for lingerie to wear with my new Flutter boots from Lassitude & Ennui for the upcoming Back To Black event. In kind of desperation, even though I knew they wouldn’t have it, I went to BoHo HoBo. And then I saw it. A Necktie Skirt!!!!

Style - Ready for a fall

I just fell in love at ONCE. Then, borrowing from my fashion inspiration Aria Montgomery, I put the rest of my look together. It was so easy, especially with the Artilleri Make A Wish necklace and the L’espoir bag from Je Suis, both pieces also from the Back To Black event. Oh, if you get this skirt, be prepared to shrink your butt a little. It’s on on the slim side and while it IS mod, I found that shrinking my butt down was easier!

Then I happened to find myself at Sopor Aeternum, a really kind of spooky and haunting place that I will DEFINITELY be going back to! It was creepy and pretty all at the same time!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Fawn by Aura
Hair: Abbey in Brown 04 [Mesh] by Elikatira
Top: Long Sleeves Sweater by COCO
Skirt: Necktie Skirt by BoHo HoBo
Boots: Flutter in Raven [Mesh] by Lassitude & Ennui [Back To Black]
* L’espoir bag by Je Suis [Back To Black]
* Make A Wish necklace by Artilleri [Back To Black]
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Aleko Pierrot rings by U&R Dogs
* Overknee Socks in Purple by Izzie’s
Pose by Frooti
Photo taken at Sopor Aeternum

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I always get excited for the events put on by Chic Management! They’re always well put together with some fantastic designers. The upcoming Back To Black event is no different! Back To Black is an awareness event [not a charity event!] focusing on mental health and other disorders that impact our lives. When I saw the Leisure Outfit by Izzie’s, I knew I HAD to put it on. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder over 10 years ago, and relaxation is definitely something that I work for every day!

Style - Namaste

I am seriously in love with the pants of this outfit! I want 20 pairs! And the lovely tank with the peace symbol flows just right. It’s also mod, so if you need to make it bigger or smaller, it’s no problem.

Also for the event is the Yoga Studio by Elefantu. This thing is AWESOME!

Style - Namaste, Yoga Studio

The picture honestly doesn’t do it justice. When I got into it, I felt like I was in a real yoga studio! There are 8 mats with poses, so you and your friends can have a lovely in world yoga session to relax yourselves. It IS a little primmy, at just over 400 prims, but well worth every prim, in my opinion.

Back To Black opens to the public on February 11th. Don’t miss it!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Grace by Aura
Hair: Away in Brown 04 [tinted darker by me] by Elikatira
Outfit: Leisure Outfit in White/Grey by Izzie’s [Back To Black]
Feet: Rigged Mesh Barefeet by SLink
Build: Yoga Studio by Elefantu [Back To Black]