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A Little Cleaning Up

So my dear husband is out of town this weekend, and I figured it would be a great time to clean up a bit around the house. Luckily with the Fancy Feathers collaborative set from Exposeur and Cheeky Pea for Zodiac, I can get all the dusting done!

Style - A little cleaning up

Miel put out just the cutest little minidresses for today’s Fifty Linden Friday! The Playa dress is short and sexy, and has some great color change options via an easy to use HUD.

Spruce Up Your Space starts tomorrow, and MudHoney has this really sweet Harriet set for us. The chair even has an animation to pet a kitty! My kitty from this month’s Collabor88 has a new place to sit!

Okay, back to cleaning. I can’t let him come home to a dirty house!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
* Sophie lips by Exodi added, No longer available
Hair: Auralee in Sahara by Truth [Minus the mesh attachment]
Dress: Playa in Stripe Natural by Miel
Shoes: 2-Strap Pumps in Cream by SLink [Vintage Fair 2012]
Necklace: Jeweled Owl by Maxi Gossamer [Collabor88]
Pose & Duster: Fancy Feathers by Cheeky Pea & Exposeur [Zodiac]
Furniture: Harriet Set by MudHoney [Spruce Up Your Space]

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I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

I’m supposed to be packing, but I’m procrastinating. No, I’m not going anywhere fun. My dad’s having another surgery and I’ll be staying over with my parents for a few days while he recovers just to help out. But I guess I can pretend it’s a vacation? I’m a little blue about it, so putting together a blue outfit just seemed totally right.

Style - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

For Fifty Linden Friday this week, Ingenue has these great new Collette skirts. They are mesh skirts, but you don’t have to worry about the fit because the skirt part is like a normal prim crotch flap, but being that it’s mesh, it moves with your body and blends in with the rest of the skirt. Love love love! There are 2 colors for FLF this week, and I’m so very happy she put it out early so I could get it!!

Collabor88 for November starts on the 8th and The Sea Hole is putting out some really cute items, like this pretty little Corsage ring, bracelet, and nail polish set. I can’t wait for the whole collection!

The dryer just went off so I guess it’s back to packing. I’ll see you guys next week!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio -Gala Phoenix-
Hair: Andarial by Magika -Sabina Gully-
Shirt: Kate Blouse in Cloud Sky by Whippet & Buck -Twiggy Whippet-
Skirt: Collette in Storm [Mesh] by Ingenue -Betty Doyle-
Shoes: Kate Bow Strap Shoes in Fog by G Field -Cerebus Noel-
Jewelry: Corsage ring, bracelet and nail polish by The Sea Hole [Nov. Collabor88] -Drinkenstein Sorbet-
Pose by aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod-

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Today’s Gaze – Overly Cute

I’m not usually fond of the overly cute look on me. I love it on other people [like my friend Aisuru does it and does it amazingly well], but on me…no.

However, I was checking out the Fifty Linden Friday pics, and stumbled across this dress. I knew just the hair I wanted to wear with it, and voila! Instacute!

[All SLurls are at the bottom if you don’t want to read!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Overly Cutesy

The Confetti dress from Katat0nik is currently in Fifty Linden Friday, and look how adorable it is! Of course, that’s just what you’d expect from Katat0nik anyway, as the entire store is just filled with super cutesy dresses. I like the tiny little skully detail, and I may end up wearing it like a babydoll top later on.

The hair is from new-to-me store, Heart Softens. The store is filled with cute -and kinda big- hair. And oh so budget friendly! You can get a fatpack for less than the cost of one color in some other stores. I’m wearing Lott in ash brown, and I’m just crushing on the big fluffy side ponytail! It is no mod, which I don’t usually love, but there is a resizer script and at this price, it’s not a big deal to me. Is it the best quality you’ll ever see? No. But cute and cheap works for me!

My shoes are also cute and budget friendly from G Field. I came across these Kate mary jane heels at the Shoe Fair and fell so in love with them. I’m wearing them in cream, and the bow is color change. Love!!!

My skin is Isolde by Exodi in the Cachet tone, #13 makeup and my pose is by Exposeur. I’m also standing in the Daydreamer house by not yet opened Funky Junk. Trust me, when it opens up, you guys are going to WANT these prefabs. Too cute!

I’m off to run around in my cuteness!

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #13 in Cachet by Exodi
Hair: Lott in Ash Brown by Heart Softens
Dress: Confetti by Katat0nik [Currently in 50L Friday]
Shoes: Kate in Cream by G Field
Tattoo Liner & Lashes for Viewer 2 by Stellar
Pose by Exposeur
Taken in the Daydreamer house by Funky Junk [not currently available for purchase]

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Today’s Gaze – Today I’m A Lady

I don’t usually do posts on the 50L Friday items, just because…well, I’m pretty slow to post most of the time. 🙂 But I just had to do one today because I picked up some items that were just TOO GOOD to miss out on!! Especially if you love pretty, ladylike fashion as much as I do!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Today I'm A Lady

From Surf Co. comes this adorable little dress called Somer. The skirt is a sculpted marvel. The folds just look sooo good!! I did have to work with the chest fold a bit to get it out of my chest, but unless you have super massive boobs, it shouldn’t be a problem. Today for FLF you can get Somer in Goldenrod [which I’m wearing] or Tomato for, of course, just 50L.

Also for FLF, Tiny Bird has an AMAZING deal!! Autumn has put out four color packs of her “Greatest Hits” hairs. There are 5 hairs to a pack and each pack is just 50L, so you’d be crazy not to pick it up! [Um, unless you’re a guy. It’s all female hair.] I’m wearing Love Love Love in sandy blonde. I actually had most of this hair already, but in different colors, so don’t think I wasn’t in there picking up more packs! Even the hair with the cans for rollers is included! Go!!

I’m also wearing the ladylike little Ribbon Slingbacks in cream by G Field, and the Glass Flower necklace by Paper Couture, both of which I think really pull the look together. My skin is the new Isolde by Exodi, which I’m wearing in makeup #12 in the Vivante skin tone. My pose is from the Playful Fairy set by Exposeur.

Today is the big FLF One Year party later tonight, and it’s also OMGWTF Barbeque’s birthday! IM Barb and give her birthday spanks!

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #12 by Exodi
Hair: Love Love Love in Sandy Blonde by Tiny Bird
Dress: Somer in Goldenrod by Surf Co.
Shoes: Ribbon Slingbacks in Cream by G Field
Necklace: Glass Flower by Paper Couture
Pose by Exposeur

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Today’s Gaze: $50L Barbie

Unless you live under a non-fashion rock, you’ve probably at least heard of Fifty Linden Friday. Put together originally by OMGWTF Barbeque of This Is A Fawn, every Friday from midnight to midnight SLT, a group of designers offer a $50L item in their stores. It’s a small group of designers, usually about 10-12, so it’s not overwhelming at all. I’m not sure how the stores are chosen. Some are in every Friday group, some switch out, but each Friday it’s just so much fun to pop over to the participating stores and see what the generous designers have set out. There is also a group in world to get the list each week, although the participating designers usually send one out through their groups and subscriber groups. I joined the group to get the list to send to my friends each week, so if you ever really need it, feel free to IM me on a Thursday to get it. 🙂

Today’s Gaze is put together from a super cute sweater dress, the Cuddle Maxipull, from Fishy Strawberry. It’s pink, which you all KNOW that I love, and it has such a Barbie Doll feel to it, I couldn’t resist! Especially since it was only $50L! I paired it up with the [non-$50L items] Stiletto Moody Tall Boots in Mulberry, the Cerra skin in Bullet from Staged, Deena hair in Happy Blonde from fri.day, Beloved Aquamarine eyes by Beloved Custom Designs, and because no Barbie is complete without her diamonds, the gorgeous Heavenly Ring from ~flirt~. My poses are from Long Awkward Pose, who is also participating in this week’s $50L Friday.

Remember, $50L Friday only lasts for 24 hours, so get out there and shop!! Oh, you twisted my arm. Here’s the list of stores for this week. 😉

This Is A Fawn
Silent Sparrow
Whippet & Buck
Ty Zvezda
Long Awkward Pose
Milk Motion
Fishy Strawberry
Clawtooth By Clawtooth
So Many Styles