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Unboxing Time! Powder Pack, LeLutka Edition – November!

Hey bunnies! Video post today because we’re unboxing the LeLutka edition of Powder Pack! Oh my god. This video was such a labor of love because anything that could have gone wrong, totally DID go wrong! First of all, the audio is bad. One of my hard drives started “pulsing” and since I had my headset on, I didn’t really hear it while recording. My microphone? TOTALLY HEARD IT. Picked up every pulse! So in the middle of editing, the computer had to be fixed up. Also, I stopped recording during part of the video so I could check something, came back and did the last 4 stores, then realized… I never turned the recorder back on!! *sighs* I’m super tired now, so jumpcuts are coming soon on the video page!

If you want to pick up this box, you can do so in world or on the Marketplace for $3000L.

This Month’s Designers:

The Face
Studio Exposure
Glam Affair
Colivati Beauty
Amara Beauty

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