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Like My First Time On A Ferris Wheel

Hello bunnies, and happy Friday! If you haven’t been out to 6 Republic yet, you really need to check it out! If for NO other reason than to get this ferris wheel!

Style - Like My First Time On A Ferris Wheel

We all know MadPea does amazing games and other things, but did you know they have an actual store? And they are participating in 6 Republic this month, too. The My Helsinki gacha set is… oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how cool it is! There is so much to the set, including this marvelous Sky Wheel!! It really moves and you and all your friends can ride it! Once you get all the pieces, you can create your own darling Helsinki market area, too! Now I will say that the Sky Wheel is an ultra rare, but once you get it, you can exchange it for a copy version. And I totally would do that, because you don’t want to lose your lovely prize!

6 Republic ends on May 20th, and if you love home and garden items like I do, you need to go!

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SkyWheel – My Helsinki by MadPea Design [6 Republic]

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