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New To Me Thursday! POPPY!

Hey bunnies! It’s a video post today because it’s Thursday, so that means another New To Me Thursday! This week, I checked out the store Poppy! They don’t have a ton of items yet because they really are fairly new to the grid. But I highly suggest you go check them out because what they do have is cute! You will need to have a Maitreya Lara body, though, because that is the only body they are currently making items for.

Oh, and I’m sorry for the weird audio in this video. I’m still trying to figure out the perfect placement for my microphone and this obviously wasn’t it. 😀

If you have a store that you think I should check out for a New To Me Thursday, leave me a comment or send me a landmark in world! The only thing I ask is that it not be a “sexy” store. Because of YouTube rules, I can’t be all out there flashing the goodies. Well, and it’s not my style anyway. *laughs* Even if I can’t use the store in a video, I always do like to shop!


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