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Let’s Unbox Stuff!

Hey bunnies! So the 15th is a double video day for me, even though I’m actually on a small break from videos this month. But naturally I can never resist the call of the Luxe Box, and I am one of the official unboxers for Treasure Chest, so it was AWESOME to get back to recording!

Two videos today. If you go to the actual video page, I do have jumpcuts if you just want to go to an individual store to see what they have. Both Luxe Box and Treasure Chest are $1500L to join if you join before the 15th, but you can get in on them now for $3000L if there is something you really really need to have. And trust me, these boxes are great, so you probably will see at least 3 or 4 things that you absolutely want – if not more!

Luxe Box

Treasure Chest


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