3 thoughts on “You Need To Have Control”

  1. Great job on the video and photo! With your permission, I would like to direct people toward your video as it explains a number of features that many new users don’t realize it can do like multi-person and puppeting.

    I suspect the name area was going blank as there may have been other pose stands nearby with the same stand numbers. When there are multiple on the same channel, the name area will show for a second, then go blank.


    1. Share away! 🙂 I’m thrilled that you watched it! And yep, when I picked up some of the prims we were standing on, there were 2 more posestands right underneath the platform. I’m a mess! LOL


  2. Ohh, and right on the nose with aligning the pose stands first to make it easier to put the poses in the pose balls later. There is actually a script that helps automate the process of setting up pose balls, but it is more trouble to explain how to use it than to just set them up manually.


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