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I Believe In Many Things

Wow, what a start to March! The Arcade opened last night at midnight and my family and I were ready to shop shop shop! Of course, I mostly do yard sales because that’s the best budget friendly way to get what I want. But it’s okay because that helps people who enjoy playing the machines go and play more!

Style - I Believe In Many Things

I’m not really into mesh heads but oh gosh, how adorable are the sweet little faces on the Fairy Mesh Heads by VCO out at The Arcade? I just had to get the little Pixie head with the tiny butterfly on the nose! It comes with a shape and skin, along with appliers for Slink hands and feet, so it’s a great deal!

Katat0nik is also at The Arcade with a great little cowgirl set! I only intended on getting the Honeysuckle hat and boots from the set, but ended up just having to get the Bee dress, too. And yes, I am wearing the Chantilly Wings from Half-Deer‘s Spring Eternal set, along with the Hummingbird from the same set. It’s SL, where else could I wear all of this and it not even be an issue?

Happy Shopping, gacha freaks!

In This Post:

Avatar: Fairy in Pixie 04 by VCO [The Arcade]
Hair: Aviva by Truth
Mesh hands by Slink
Dress: Bee by Katat0nik [The Arcade]
Hat: Honeysuckle – Girly by Katat0nik [The Arcade]
Chantilly Wings, Hummingbird by Half-Deer [The Arcade]
Pose: Some Day by NanTra Poses [Oneword]


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