bare rose, candy fair 2014, exposeur, pink fuel, SLink, Truth

I Know A Girl That’s Tough But Sweet

Candy in the morning time,
Candy in the hot sunshine.
Candy baby, can’t you see,
All I want is your candy!

Style - I Know A Girl That's Tough But Sweet

Candy Fair is open! There are tons of candy inspired items out there, including the Candy Colors pose box by Exposeur! How cute is this thing? It’s colorful and fun, and full of poses. I ADORE pose box things like this because it totally makes my job a lot easier since I don’t have to set up a scene or find a place to take a pic. You need it!

When I was looking for an outfit to wear for this post, I hopped around to several events and stores, but nothing was really jumping out at me. Then I thought, “Is Bare Rose still around?” That used to be my go-to place for fanciful, whimsical outfits that were completely budget friendly. They ARE still around, and they are making mesh! [Look for the mesh wall or anything with an M on it.] I’m wearing the Ichigo Cream outfit and oh my gosh, is it precious! It comes with 2 colors and the boots came with the outfit. Don’t expect demos on most of the Bare Rose mesh stuff, and don’t expect standard sizing. I fit in this perfectly out of the box and I am normally a standard size small. This particular outfit is rigged, but I did see some things that were not rigged so you could edit them to your body. Still, not too shabby for under $200L!!

Have a sweet day!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Jinx by Truth
Mesh hands by Slink
Dress and boots: Ichigo Cream by Bare Rose
Pose box: Candy Colors by Exposeur [Candy Fair 2014]

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