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Digging For Gold

So this tiny little event started this week. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. I believe it’s called… THE ARCADE. Okay, so you basically have to be living under the biggest rock in the deepest cave in the most remote part of Antarctica to not know about The Arcade! Second Spaces is out there with the cuuuutest decor set! It’s called Flea Market Finds, but I thought it looked like stuff you might find in the attic of your grandma’s house!

Style - Digging For Gold

Second Spaces - Flea market finds-2

Second Spaces - Flea market finds-1

There are 11 pieces to collect, 2 rares [the bingo set and the cigar boxes], and it’s $75L a play. Second Spaces is my favorite place for “clutter” stuff in SL, and I know I’ll find places in my house for every single piece of this set.

Happy gacha-ing!

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Flea Market Finds by Second Spaces [The Arcade]

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