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Bought A Ticket To The West Coast

Guess what? The Arcade is starting this weekend! Squee! Every round, I tell myself “Okay. You CANNOT want everything.” But then every round, I tell myself to shut up because there’s always cute stuff.

Style - Bought A Ticket To The West Coast-1

What Next has us On The Move at The Arcade with some great wearable, rideable toys! I’m riding the Candy Skateboard. There are cool things like scooters, pogo sticks, and cars, too! Each play is $50L and there are 9 commons and 5 rares.

Do you like my hair? It’s from Truth for The Arcade!

Style - Bought A Ticket To The West Coast-2

Sakura is an awesome hair that you can get in two different styles, the two curly poofs like I’m wearing, or one that just has the curly on one side. All of them come with detachable flowers and either Bears, Kokeshi Dolls or Sushi. I’m wearing sushi in my hair because I think it’s super cute! It is $50L per play with 16 to collect, 4 rare.

I hope you guys have your inventory and your wallets ready for this coming Arcade, because really, it’s gonna be great!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Sakura w/Sushi by Truth [The Arcade, June]
Mesh hands & feet by Slink
Dress: Mewes by coldLogic
Glasses: Beachy Keen Shades by Yummy
Bag: Panda Pink Handbag by MiaMai
Pose by !Bang
On The Move Candy Skateboard by What Next [The Arcade, June]
Seaside Pier by Barnesworth Anubis
Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart by What Next


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