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Nothing But Fate

I have always loved fantasy clothes in Second Life. I don’t have the opportunity to wear them a whole lot, but I always love to look! I think that’ll all be changing, though, because Damien Fate’s new store, FATEplay, is opening on Wednesday!

Style - Nothing But Fate-1

Style - Nothing But Fate-2

I’m wearing the new Wende dress from FATEplay and I think it’s awesome! As soon as I put it on, I wanted to go skipping through the forest, singing with birds, and staying out of the way of evil witches. Since the shirt, bodice, and skirt are all separate, if you fatpack, you can mix and match colors!

The outfits for FATEplay make use of the new materials, so if you want to see all the details of the outfits, you’ll need to be in a materials-enabled viewer and have advanced lighting on. I use Firestorm so I wasn’t able to see all the details, but as you can plainly see, the outfit does not lose too much without seeing the materials and still looks pretty darn awesome.

FATEplay also has male fantasy wear, so grab your man and have some fun! FATEplay opens on Wednesday, July 24th.

In This Post:

Skin: Katya 02A by Glam Affair [The Boutique]
* Photo 1 – Genesis in Lightblondes01 by Truth
* Photo 2 – Arianna in Lightblondes01 by Truth [FaMEShed]
Mesh hands & feet by SLink
Nude Matte polish by Hello Dave
Dress: Wende in Sapphire by FATEplay
Poses by !bang

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