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It’s a good day for singin’ a song!

I feel like I’ve been away from this blog forever! If you read my personal blog, you know why. If you don’t…well, what’s wrong with you? LOL! Kidding! Let’s get on with the good stuff! Well, and some bad stuff. But it’s mostly good stuff.

Style - It's a good day for singin a song

After many years on the grid, and many years of being my “Almost Always” posemaker, Adorkable Peapod is closing her store. SADFACE. She has been one of my favorite favorite posers for ages and although I know this is the best thing for her, I can’t help but think “What about ME!” There is a closing sale at aDORKable Poses until June 9th, so be sure to go pick up some goodies. Thanks for all the years of being the best!

Truth Hawks released some great new hair this week along with his brand new textures! The textures are truly lovely, and although I might have given him some sh!t for taking away the 2 colors I wear most, I do really like the new colors. But shhh, don’t tell him I said that. I fell in love with the Lotus hair because I’ve been doing a side braid a lot in RL lately.

The Boutique opened up for a new round and I’m loving the new Cupcake jewelry from Cae and this awesome Lotus Crown from Noodles! The cool part is that my Cupcake ring fits just fine in between my new Diversity ring set from Stellar! There are several separate rings in the set so you can move them around however you’d like. What in the world did we do before we were just able to ADD lots of stuff?? I’m not usually someone who wears a lot of jewelry, but these lovely lovely ladies may be getting me to change my mind.

Enough talking. It’s time to shop!

In This Post:

Skin: Kumi in Pure by Pink Fuel
Hair: Lotus in LightBlondes01Fade by Truth
Eyes: Vanity in Ice by IKON
Mesh Hands by SLink
Summer Skies nails by Ch’Know Nails [Yep, by me!]
Dress: Reynolds in May by coldLogic
Mesh Bare Feet by Gos Boutique
Cupcake Ring & Necklace by Cae [The Boutique]
Diversity Rings by Stellar
Stacked Bangles by Stellar
Lotus Crown by Noodles [The Boutique]
Poses by aDORKable Poses [Closing sale! Wah!]

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