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Guarded By An Angel

One of my favorite times of the year is about to start! Fashion For Life starts on the 10th, and that marks the annual start of the official ‘Relay for Life’ events that take place inworld each year. I love it because you can always pick up some great things for charity, like this Adorabelle angel outfit from Angelwing!

Style - Guarded By An Angel

This outfit is really something! 20 pieces and lots of great prim work! The staff even has a pose in it. It’s not something I’d wear every day, obviously, but it is certainly impressive if you need something for photos or even if you’re RPing an angel. Loves it!

Fashion For Life starts on March 10th and is 10 sims full of great designers all working together to support the American Cancer Society.

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Grass by Aura [Collabor88]
Hair: Bambi in Powder by Wasabi Pills
Outfit: Adorabelle by Angelwing [Fashion For Life]
Photo taken at XIV

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