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Happy New Bum!

Stumblebum is BACK, baby! This biweekly event made up of some of the grid’s best designers has always been one of my favorites in SL. And they certainly got it started off right this time around!

Style - Happy New Bum!

From Illusory, we have the New Year dress. It’s a stunning little sparkly mini dress, perfect for parties! My pose is from Frooti, and I can honestly say the poses are just as fun as the store name! Truth has brought us the Velvet hair, which is so flippin’ cute and a style I have simply been DYING for!! I’m not wearing them, but there are 2 little color change bows on the curly poofy buns. Oh, you want to see things closer? Okay!

Style - Happy New Bum! - Closeup

Love this hair so hard!! Also in Stumblebum are these super pretty Real Eyes from Insufferable Dastard. And I absolutely cannot have a post without mesh, so luckily for me Aura has these fab Down Pour earrings!

This round of Stumblebum lasts 2 weeks and all items from the designers are NEW, not recolored previous releases. The prices are a little lower for Stumblebum, but remember it’s not a “get your cheap on” type of event. All Stumblebum prices are between 100L-700L. But honestly, they are great prices for great new work, so go get shopping!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Eyes: Real Eyes 4 by Insufferable Dastard [Stumblebum]
Hair: Velvet in Mocha w/roots by Truth [Stumblebum]
Dress: New Year in Seafoam by Illusory [Stumblebum]
Shoes: Breezie Stiletto in Silver by Nardcotix
Earrings: Down Pour in Pearl by Aura [Mesh][Stumblebum]
Poses by Frooti [Stumblebum]

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