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That’s How I Became Head Girl

So I’ll admit, wizarding school wasn’t easy! I mean, all those potions to learn and waving a wand around and it would have been dead easy to gain a billion pounds with all the crap we eat. But then I was announced as Head Girl! Gee…I wonder how that happened.

Style - That's How I Became Head Girl

SLink just came out with some new mesh boots!!  I have always loved thigh high boots in SL, but I’ve rarely worn them since either you’re stuck with texture boots, or the prims get all crazy when you try to bend your leg.  But with mesh…oh baby!  These are the first boots that have ever made me want to pose naked with them, and that is saying a LOT because I don’t feel comfortable posing naked pretty much anywhere!  The boots come in several colors [including pink!!] and there are four sizes to choose from, but be aware that they tend to run a little on the small side.  I’m wearing the “Curvy” size and I did have to scale my legs down a bit to wear them, since the “Plus” sized ones, the largest in the pack, were a little TOO plus for my liking.  But they’re so worth making my legs a little thinner for, because I can’t stop strutting around in them!

Go to SLink!!

Oh, PS: I’m just making up stories. I’m not affiliated with any of the wizard RP things that are around. 🙂

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Jacqueline in Swedish by Truth
Boots: Tall LeatherThigh Boots in Black by SLink
Scarf: House of the Lion School Scarf by Hanamachi
Brazen Hussy Chair by aDORKable Poses


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