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Leave It To The Imagination

Back in the late 90s, my Bestie and I used to work at the mall in a department store. We had to dress up using clothing from the store, and she would always pick these long long dresses because she liked to not show too much skin. I always thought she looked great and I was jealous that I couldn’t wear the long long dresses because I was short and chubby and what worked on her tall and thin body would not have worked on me. When I saw the new 2nd Skin dresses from Jane today, I immediately thought of my Bestie!

Style - Leave It To The Imagination

These dresses are mesh, so if you’re not in a mesh-compatible viewer yet, you will not see it correctly.

I think these are really pretty!  And Jane has already taken other shape sizes into account because now you get to choose from 4 sizes – Petite, Fair, Plump, and Luscious.  I’m wearing the Fair size, which is just great for an average sized avatar.  One of the cool things about mesh, in my opinion, is that you can kind of play with your “shape” without actually having to do much.  When I put on the Luscious sized dress, it’s like, hello boob job!!  But remember that currently, mesh only works with your avatar’s skeleton, not the body fat. [There’s a Jira to fix this.]  So if you love having a big belly in SL, this dress will not work for you.

That’s why I never wore them in RL, anyway. The belly never worked for me!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 2 by Curio
Hair: June in Almond by Truth
Dress: 2nd Skin in Greens by Jane
Shoes: Tallula in Moss by Ingenue
Necklace: Wanderer – 1 Disc by League
Pose by STaTUS
Photo taken in the Country Shed Home by Funky Junk

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