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If I Could Escape

I got totally excited last weekend because I thought it was time for Spruce Up Your Space. I was wrong, though, because it’s THIS WEEKEND!! The theme for SUYS this month is Coastal Cozy and that’s totally a theme I can get down with! Plus, my favorite prefab store, Funky Junk, is in it! Check out the gorgeous house, aptly named My Seaside Escape.

Style - If I Could Escape

Isn’t it wonderful?? My pictures honestly don’t do it justice! The house has a spacious entry way, large living room area, an extra room that I turned into a kitchen, but could be used as a bedroom or study, and a bedroom upstairs. To get to that one, you have to go outside on the little patio and take the steps up! It also comes with beach grass in the window boxes and some nautical accessories. The pictures I took of the rooms are probably better viewed over on my Flickr where you can see them bigger. I also didn’t get a picture of the entry way because I suck.

Style - If I Could Escape, living room

Style - If I Could Escape, kitchen & dining

Style - If I Could Escape, bedroom

My Seaside Escape will be on sale at Funky Junk this weekend for the low low price of $150L. At that price, how could you not buy it??? The house and accessories together come in at 177 prims, and without the accessories, it’s 137 prims.

Spruce Up Your Space begins Saturday July 23rd at 9am SLT.

Most Furniture & Accessories From:

LISP Bazaar
Art Dummy
Artilleri Home
Awesome Blossom
Second Spaces
Belle Belle

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