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Let’s get away

I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to just get away for a weekend! But since I can’t, SL is the next best thing. Especially with all the newness this weekend!!

Style - Let's Get Away

For Lazy Sunday today, you can stop over at Ingenue and pick up this really cute Little Angel t-shirt. It even has little wings drawn on the back. So precious! There are other designs and colors as well, so run over quickly! And of course a weekend isn’t complete without something new from Truth. The new Bree hair is gorgeous! A side swept long long ponytail, Truth is awesome and did both regular and split attachments. Of course, you might not need the split attachments if you use the new Hairy Situations long hair poses from Long Awkward Pose! More long hair poses, please!!

Oh, do you like the house I’m standing in front of? You want to see more?

Style - Let's Get Away, My Getaway

For the Knitting Circle Bake Sale this weekend, you can get the My Getaway house from Funky Junk. It’s SO freaking cute! It’s tiny, just the perfect size for a cozy beach getaway. I’m showing the stilted version, which comes in at a small 83 prims. If you’re not one for stilts, the included non-stilted version is just 68 prims. It has a 7×13 footprint, so even a 512 parcel of land can carry it off. Buy it!

I have to go hem pants. Jealous?

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 1 by Curio
Hair: Bree in Swedish by Truth [New!]
Shirt: Little Angel Tee by Ingenue [Lazy Sunday item!]
Jeans: Lou Lou in Original by Mon Tissu
Shoes: Shaz Platforms in White Denim by SLink
* Devotion Bridal Ring by Earthstones
* Butterfly Kiss Lip Ring by Earthstones
Pose by Long Awkward Pose
House: My Getaway by Funky Junk [Knitting Circle Bake Sale]


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