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Easy Breeze

Are you looking for that perfect tiny beach house for your parcel? Yes? Then look no further than Funky Junk at the Designers Remix!

Style - Easy Breeze

Breeze is just so sweet and open. It’s just great for setting up on your beach, or take it lakeside, or you could even sink it down a bit and put it in a forest setting. It’s really versatile! And really, you can do anything inside because it’s one big room.

Style - Easy Breeze 2

Style - Easy Breeze 3

The Breeze is 70 prims [104 with the fireplace and other accessories] and has a 10×15 footprint, so it will fit smaller parcels.

You will be able to find Breeze at the Designers Remix which opens on July 1st. It’s going to be awesome, y’all!

Most Furniture & Accessories From:

LISP Bazaar
Art Dummy
Artilleri Home


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