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Part Of Your World

Most of my friends know that I’m totally and completely in love with shopping for home furniture and decor. Seriously. I love it more than shopping for shoes, and you guys know how I love shoes! Luckily, my wifey humors me and when I yell “I NEED A NEW HOUSE!” she obliges and builds something perfect for all my furniture. The newest house from Funky Junk, Ariel, is utterly perfect for the summer!

Style - Ariel

An awesome beach house up on stilts, the Ariel home is open and inviting, with two large rooms, a great loft, and a charming sunroom. Trust me, I have spent many evenings in the sunroom watching the sunset! I do, of course, have a million pics for you all. Remember, these are just “serving suggestions” as to what you can do with the rooms. I always urge you to put your own style in your living space!

Style - Ariel, Living Room 1

Style - Ariel, Living Room 2

Style - Ariel, Kitchen

Style - Ariel, Bedroom

Style - Ariel, Sunroom

The Ariel home comes in at 145 prims, or 161 with the added decor of a lifesaver ring, boat oars, rusted nautical star, and a lantern full of pretty shells. My house is in the Mist color, and it also comes in Kelp, a soft green.

You need it, you want it, you love it. Go to Funky Junk and buy it!

Some of the places I got my furniture/decor:

LISP Bazaar
Art Dummy
Awesome Blossom
Artilleri Home
Second Spaces
Belle Belle
What Next


2 thoughts on “Part Of Your World”

  1. I bought the Ariel in the blue color for two different avatars, it's such a pretty house and spacious but not too spacious, just lovely. I'm a real fan of Funky Junk in general. I wish she'd consider doing some prefab shops in her own style. I run a shop on another avi and it'd be great to see what Ulaa could do with the shop idea. 🙂


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