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Never underestimate the power of legs

So my wife made me a new house! And naturally that means I’m a decorating fool right now since I will be blogging it once it’s decorated, but I had to stop for a bit and show you guys my outfit! Never underestimate the power of a short dress and a great pair of heels!

Style - Never underestimate the power of legs

From Hucci comes this absolutely hot Summer Babydoll dress, which I’m of COURSE wearing in pink! The skirts come in either plain or with stripes. I bet this would look good with some jeans or capris underneath as well, if you’re not into showing that much leg. Really lovely!

And oh my gosh, did you guys SEE the new Lulu heels from SLink? I love love love strappy sandals, and these heels are totally summer fierce. The heel is a sharp stiletto so if that new summer love gets in your way, you can cut them with your vicious, vicious words, and then stab them with your shoe. Or not. But you need the shoes, trust me!

I need to finish decorating, and you need to go shopping!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Pure 1 by Curio
Hair: Kalia in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Summer Babydoll in Pink by Hucci
Shoes: Lulu in Cream by SLink
Jewelry: Poipu Paua Bangles in Powder by MOOD
Pose by Olive Juice


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