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Royally Sweet

I am so excited! One of my friends, QueenKellee Kuu, is back in SL and has reopened her store – Royally! Kellee is pretty awesome, and she’s reopened with items for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. I HAD to go buy this outfit because not only is it darling, it’s named after me!!

Style - Royally Sweet

This is the Alicia ballet outfit, and it is simply too cute for words! The outfit comes with 3 different style skirts, and they are able to change colors. Love love love!

Kellee also has some lovely turtlenecks out for PCF as well, and you can purchase the turtlenecks or the outfit I’m wearing either at PCF or at Royally.

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Jersey in Swedish by Truth
Outfit: Alicia in Red by Royally [Pacific Crisis Fundraiser]
Shoes: Heart Flat Shoes by G Field [found in a hunt, may not be available]
* Hope necklace by Statique [Pacific Crisis Fundraiser]
* Zsa Zsa Leo ring by Donna Flora [Pacific Crisis Fundraiser]
Pose by !bang
Photo taken at Empyreal Dreams – The Art Anthology

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