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Beachy Keen!

Oh Janie Marlowe, how you spoil me. No, seriously, she does. There is so much newness today at Jane, I hardly know where to start! So I’ll start with my favorite out of all the new releases today, the Blossom dress.

Style - Beachy Keen

Do you love it? I certainly do! A nice slip style dress, the floral embroidery makes me homesick. For my second home, I should say, down near San Antonio, Texas, where most of my family lives and I spent almost every weekend down there growing up. It just looks like something I’d buy while on vacation and shopping in El Mercado. I’m wearing it in Milk, and underneath I’m wearing one of the new Layering Tees from Jane. I have been looking all over for plain baby tee style shirts in SL, and now here they are! You can pick up your pack for just $50L for Sheer Madness today!

I could go on and on about how much I love Jane, but truthfully, you just need to get up and go over there yourself to pick up all the new goodies. ♥

In this post:

Skin: Sweetheart in Beguiling 1 by Curio
Hair: Odette in Swedish by Truth
Dress: Blossom in Milk by Jane
Shirt: Layering Tee in Avocado by Jane
Shoes: Little Diva Flats in Moss by G Field
Jewelry: Love Me Tender set by Earthstones
Eyelashes – Dramatic by Exodi
Pose by aDorkable Poses

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