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Trick or Treat At Hide and Seek!

Oh man, did I ever have the PLAGUE this week. But, it’s passing me by and one of the best ways to get over the plague is by playing gacha! I swear! And one of my favorite sims, the Hide and Seek sim, is having a Trick or Treat Gacha event!

Review - Hide & Seek Sim Halloween Gacha

The hoodie and cute ghost t-shirt are both from the BOOM gacha. The hoodie is a “rare” find and the shirt is “uncommon,” which means you might not get them right away. The Pink Lady pumpkin pail I’m holding is from Olive Juice, and is also a “rare” find. I love it because it’s pink! In my mouth is an adorable flower basket from Awesome Blossom. I don’t usually put things in my mouth [that’s what she said] but this was too cute not to. And on my shoulder is devilish Lucikat from ANA_Mations. I love kitties, even devil kitties!

If you like gacha, go go go and play out there at Hide and Seek! You have from now until the 31st to play. Don’t forget, gacha prizes make great gifts, and it’s always fun to share with friends!

Here are the direct TPs to all the participating stores, just in case of lag or you want to just go to your favorite store!

Awesome Blossom
Olive Juice
Molto Bene

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