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The Mariposa Effect

You know how sometimes you hear the whisper of a store name in SL, but you don’t really know what the store is or what it sells? And then one day, you hear the whisper again, and you finally look it up and head over? That’s what the store Mariposa was for me. But now that I’ve gone, oh my! I will want to go back again and again! Absolutely gorgeous jewelry, and the creator, Felicity Winslet, was incredibly nice to me! Good customer service goes a long long way in my book.

This is the Acat jewelry set, and I am just thrilled with it!

Review - Mariposa - Acat Jewelry

Acat caught my attention because of the turquoise beads. I just love turquoise! In the set is the necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Felicity was also awesome and she has included 2 necklaces in the package for both the chest and the spine attachment points. There are 4 different color options to choose from. The jewelry is no modify/copy/no transfer and comes with resize scripts.

Flutter your wings to Mariposa [which is the Spanish word for “butterfly.” See what I did there?] and check out all the really awesome jewelry!

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