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Got my t-shirt and my panties on…

Sometimes on Plurk, someone will ask “What do you wear to bed?” Well, of course there’s a lot of naked out there, but me – I’ve always been more of a t-shirt and panties girl. My friend Rob1977 Moonites, who you may know already from FIR male clothing, recently branched out and made a new line, MNA, just for women! And his new sleeveless tees and matching panties are just too cute! AND they totally fit my need for bedtime!

Review - MNA - Sleeveless Tees & Panties, Pink

Review - MNA - Sleeveless Tees & Panties, Aqua

I think my favorite thing about these outfits, aside from the bright, pretty colors and cutie pie decals, is that the panties have great coverage! You wouldn’t call them granny panties, but they’re certainly not giving away the whole farm, and I love that!

The Tees & Panties are sold separately and come in 4 girly girl colors. Collect them all, because you need them!

I’ll have more from MNA coming up in future posts, but don’t wait for me – go shop!

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Skin: Elle #14 by Belleza
Hair: Isidora in Swedish by Truth
Poses by Oracul and Olive Juice


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