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I’ll put a spell on you…

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “Self, you just don’t wear as many costumes as you used to a couple of years ago.” Then here comes Deviance designer Surreal LeShelle with simply the most marvelous outfit – The Enchantress!

Review - Deviance - Enchantress

Review - Deviance - Enchantress, back

The Enchantress is so gorgeous, as you would expect from Deviance. And there are SO many options to this lovely outfit, I simply couldn’t photograph them all. The skirt and collar have 4 different options each and you know how much I love options with my clothing. I’m wearing the skirt with both the skulls and beads, and in the first photo I’m wearing the cape with the collar and long cape, and as you can see in the second photo, I’m wearing the shorter cape with no collar. And the included staff is just awesome. I feel like I want to cast a spell on everyone around me! The shape I’m wearing is included in the package, too! Normally I don’t wear other shapes, preferring to fit outfits to my shape, but I really liked this one. It’s taller and bigger than my normal shape, but didn’t make me feel like a glamazon, which is always a good thing.

I’m wearing the Enchantress in Midnight Blue in my pictures, but there are 15 beautiful colors available. A single outfit is $400L, a minipack of 3 colors is $800L, and you can multipack all 15 colors for $1800L. I think you’ll agree with me that getting the big pack is truly the way to go with this, especially if you get a lot of use out of this type of outfit!

If you are a Deviance subscriber, you can get a special group gift – the Enchantress in teal! Why are you still reading? Go shopping!

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