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Let me take the stage…

Do you love boots? Oh, I just bet you do! I do too, and honey, let me tell you – I am wearing the most marvelous lace up boots on my feet today!

The new Burlesque boots from Gos are just delicious! Knee high, lace up, sculpted beautifully over your calves… Take a look!

Review - Gos - Burlesque

Are you in love yet? No? Well, let me sweeten the deal for you with these sweet boots. They are loaded with options! You won’t have to worry about a fatpack with these yummies, because they are color-changeable with 6 fabulous colors! You can change the satin of the boot, and the laces as well. So many options to match with your outfits! I just love the colors!

Review - Gos - Burlesque, all colors

For those of you who like playing in 2.0, these are 2.0 friendly with the invisible alpha layer so that you don’t have to worry about invisiprims! I love that! But if you are not using 2.0, there are invisiprims, so these boots attach to your lower leg. These are also very easy to fit with the menu system to make the boots smaller or wider, and to move them back and forth or side to side. That’s always a nice option for people who are not quite comfortable with the system modify tools. And if you’re really really not good at fitting prims to your shape, there is a special posestand available and – get this – your friends can mod the boots FOR YOU. If you don’t have friends (just kidding!), I understand that there will be staff at the Gos store to help you out. Be sure to read the notecard if you get confused with it, although if you’re familiar with most resizer scripts, you will most likely not have too much trouble with this. And once they are fit, if you don’t like extra scripts, there is an Anti-Lag button which removes the scripts. But remember, that removes ALL the scripts, so be sure to make a backup copy of your boots first!

The Burlesque Boots are an extremely affordable $895L. With all the color change options, that’s really like getting 36 pairs of boots! Where else are you going to get that many boots that look this good for that price? Only at Gos!

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