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I feel like a movie star!

Quick! Name three of my favorite things! Who said lingerie, jewelry, and old black & white movies? You win!

When Kieran Debevec of Phoenix Rising dropped this utterly amazing jewelry on me and Betty Doyle of Ingenue quickly followed with the most lovely corset sets, I knew immediately that they had to be shown together. There was just no other way!

First, let’s look at the oh-so-pretty Angelique corset.

Review - Phoenix Rising, Ingenue - Angelique corset, Spring Blossom jewelry

Review - Phoenix Rising, Ingenue - Angelique corset, back

As much as I love lingerie, I love lingerie that doesn’t give the whole farm away immediately even more, and honey, this is wonderful! The very well textured corset just hugs you in all the right places and I love the lacing in the back. Plus I just adore that the included panties are not thongs! Hey, people like opening gift wrapped presents for a reason, right? 😉

Now, let’s take a look at the precious Spring Blossom jewelry!

Review - Phoenix Rising, Ingenue - Spring Blossom jewelry

How can you look at it and not want it? I know I surely can’t! Every prim is placed JUST right, and there is the slightest glow on the diamonds to give it a gorgeous effect. I’m so enchanted with the necklace! And of course you have the beautiful flowers for your ears, too! Honestly? With this jewelry, you barely need clothes! I haven’t been this excited about jewelry in a long long time!

The Angelique corsets come in 10 lovely colors for $165L each, or fatpack these beauties for $1295L. They are available now at Ingenue!

The Spring Blossom jewelry comes in 5 beautiful colors [my favorite is the Rain color!] for $400L each, or fatpack for $1800L. They are available now at Phoenix Rising!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

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