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I’m way too comfortable in this chair!

You may know the store Baustein by Mainit Hellman for its wonderful prefabs. But did you also know that Mainit makes furniture? Really awesome furniture that you just wish you could yank out of SL and drag into your own living room!

The latest set, the De’Loire, is just fantastic!

Review - Baustein - De'Loire set

Review - Baustein - De'Loire chair

This set is just delish. It comes with the fireplace, painting, table, ottoman with texture change blanket, and 2 chairs, one with the filigree detailing and one without. The chairs and ottoman are also color change! [Monopoly board & chips plate are not included, just used for this shot.] Look at the chairs! If I had these chairs in my physical world, I don’t think I’d ever get up. They look so so comfortable! And of course, the baked textures are just yummy.

The De’Loire set is prim budget friendly at just 67 prims for the entire set. It is also copy/modify, which is awesome. The set is $1200L, but you can buy the pieces separately, although of course you get a bit of a discount with buying the entire set.

Oh, and you can pick up the skybox that I took these photos in at Baustein as well. It’s called Chill and I adore it!

Lots of stuff to see at Baustein, and there’s a big grand sim opening party on Sunday at 12pm SLT at the Rigby sim for Baustein, SySy’s, Staged, and Perse, so you have no excuses not to go check it out!

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