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I have this Intuition…

…but I think these glasses are going to be the new favorite in many peoples’ inventory!

New at the Accessories Fair, Gospel Voom of Gos released the new glasses, Intuition and Sentinel. So so cute! I ran right out and bought the Intuition, as they were a touch more “feminine” on my face. Check them out!

The glasses have loads of options, such as frame texture, lens texture, opacity, and my favorite – the monogram on the sides!! When you choose to set the monogram, it immediately picks up your initials, but you can set them to another. I love it! And you can choose from several different fonts and colors, too.

The glasses come with the textures white, black, and chrome for the frames, and clear, shaded, and “incognito” [very dark], for the lenses. In my package, there was a spray can to hold to “spray” my glasses into tortoiseshell with an amber shade. It’s all just very cool!

The Intuition glasses are a very affordable $295L and currently you can find them at the Accessories Fair, but I’m sure they’ll be at the mainstore quite soon!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Pale [very old group gift] by Free Speerit
Hair: Justine in Swedish by Truth
Eyes: Sea Green by Miriel [No longer available]
Top: Knick Knack by Sn@tch
Poses by Glitterati


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