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FilterCam available as the SL Daily Deal!

As most people know, I absolutely ADORE FilterCam from MechanizedLife, the wonderful CodeBastard Redgrave’s awesome store. I use mine quite often for in world photos and if you’ve never heard of it before, you can read up on my review of it here in this blog.

Today for SL Daily Deals, you can get your own FilterCam for the AWESOME price of just $399L!! Incredible!! If you take a lot of photos in world and maybe your Photoshop/Gimp skills aren’t completely wonderful, I highly highly suggest you pick this up. But go quickly! There are only 100 available. Watch the Daily Deals website to see when it’s available, but it should be up at 12am SLT.

And yeah, I’ve used this frame from FilterCam in here before, but I love it. 🙂 The only thing done to this photo was cropping, everything else is exactly as I took it in world. Don’t miss out on getting your own FilterCam at MechanizedLife!!

Review - MechanizedLife - SL Daily Deals, FilterCam 2.0

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