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InfiniTie for women!!

I admit it. When Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do came out with with the InfiniTie shirts for men with his suits a few months ago, I was jealous. I wanted shirts like that for me, too! But girly and cute, of course.

So when he mentioned he was making some for women…well, believe me, I was so so excited!! Who wouldn’t want a well made shirt and the option to use the InfiniTie system? It’s a no brainer to me. Check it out!

I’m not showing you ALL the colors, because I think you should go to the store and check out the rest! In the first photo, I’m showing colors from the “Classic” set, and in the second, the colors are from the “Trendy.” There are 3 lengths per color, long and untucked, shorter and tucked, and short for showing the mid-riff. Each one is unbuttoned just a little to give a hint of cleavage and the cuffs are rolled up a little bit, too. Each shirt comes with a black tie, but you can use the InfiniTie system, and purchase different colored ties. [You can go to this YouTube page to see all about the InfiniTie system.] One thing I love about these shirts, and the ones for men as well, is that the tie is not just “clip-on” style. These go all the way around the neck. I had noticed this on the male shirts some time ago and just thought that was a little extra special detail. Oh, and if you don’t want to wear the tie at all? Just click the collar, and it disappears. Click it again to bring it back! I have also been told that if you want a buttoned up version, the shirts for men also look wonderful on women.

The InfiniTie shirts for women are priced at $129L per color, or $499L for either the pack of the Classic or Trendy colors. The separate InfiniTies are as little as $29L per tie. As always, these are completely hand-painted, nothing is photosourced, and I think that is fabulous. And they are transferable, as most of the items at Musashi-Do are, making these perfect for gifting!

If you’re looking for something for Christmas, as well, check out the pack of Christmas InfiniTie shirts for women!

Since these are transferable, I passed one over to my adorable Piper and forced her to pose with me. There are 2 InfiniTies included in this pack with a striped tie and a floral tie. The Christmas pack is just $259L, and there is also a set for men as well, if you like to match your guy.

While you’re at Musashi-Do buying shirts, don’t forget to wander outside and go check out the World Holidays 2009 photo exhibit! You just might see my pics out there!

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