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Winter in my pocket!

Do you remember a few months ago, I blogged about the Pocket Gardens by Stormy Aluveaux and Carter Denja? Well, just in time for winter, they’ve come out with new wintery Persephone Pocket Gardens!!

These are just so cute! The pictures truly don’t do them justice. The gardens are all linked together, so even for the worst landscaper on the grid [*cough* like me.], it’s super easy to put together a fabulous area. The base is texture change to fit a variety of snow textures that you find in SL, but I didn’t see an invisible texture like in the Thalia garden. You are also able to change the texture of the tree! If you get one with a lamp, the lamp changes colors and lights too, which is pretty much an awesome effect! I didn’t change it for this photo just so you can see what it looks like as-is. You are also able to sit on the rocks or log, and turn the little bird’s song on or off.

The gardens range in sizes from 4×4 to 4×6 and are very prim budget friendly from 16 to 21 prims. They are copy, but not modifiable. If you do much landscaping in SL, you know that it’s often expensive, so these are fairly budget friendly as well, ranging in price from $175L to $275L. If you fatpack the Persephone garden in December, it’s 50% off, making it just $350L. That is a STEAL, you guys!

Go check out the demo of the Pocket Garden. I love mine, and I know you guys will love them too!


1 thought on “Winter in my pocket!”

  1. I thanked you on Plurk but I'd like to thank you again here. We really appreciate the write-up!

    A note on the ground textures: Because the ground is not flat in these models (it has the curving slope of gently drifting snow), we didn't include the alpha option in the ground menu. Setting the ground to alpha would lead to a strange result where the gardens components seemed to float above the ground due that curve in the ground's profile.

    Instead, we included all the Linden Library snow textures, which will allow you to blend the garden seamlessly into most snow environments.

    We do offer the alpha ground option all flat-based garden models. 🙂

    Thanks again for the review! Enjoy the garden.

    Carter Denja
    Pocket Gardens


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