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Holiday Love At Belle Belle

Belle Belle is probably one of my favorite stores in SL due to Leyla Firefly’s creativity. Oh, she’s primmy. She LOVES to fill up prim limits. But it’s all worth it because of all the cute she puts out!

Free in the lucky board for the Belle Belle group members right now is this cute Advent calendar!

Each little pocket contains a “gift” and you can click each day to “take” the gift. [You don’t really get anything, it just disappears.] As you can see, I’ve already taken my first 6 gifts! It is 84 prims, but if you have the prims to spare, it’s perfect for your holiday decorating. To get this, you will have to stalk the lucky board AND be in group. Just search for Belle Belle and it’s a free group to join. I know a lot of groups are going to pay groups right now, so it’s a relief to have one that is free!

Not free, but still massively affordable, is this cute cute cute Luv Me Santa bear! You all know my love of teddy bears, so I squealed when I got this one.

This cutie has particle hearts that fly around him and he wishes you Merry Christmas if you click him. The bear is 39 prims and $50L, and is transferable so it’s perfect for gifting!

Also awesome for gifting is this snowglobe!

I absolutely love snowglobes and have collected quite a few in my physical world, so it’s a delight for me to see so many designers making snowglobes this year! The little kissing bears inside make me so happy! This snowglobe is 58 prims and $295L. There are other snowglobes available too!

I’ve got to get back to decorating for the holidays, so you head over to Belle Belle and go shopping!


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