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T Junction!

So my adorable shopaholic friend Wilma told me yesterday that I needed to go to T Junction because they had cute shirts and panties. I love a good shirt [and good panties!] so I made my way over there today.

Big mistake.

Everything was so cute, I went NUTS! I wanted every single shirt they had to offer! I mean, look!!

These are just 3 that I bought. Believe me, my inventory is holding a lot more. And they’re pretty inexpensive at just $75L a shirt. There is a discount area where I found $40L shirts, and there are a bunch of freebies at the front when you walk in, along with a gift shirt if you join the subscribe-o-matic. There are shirts for men, too! And the shirts are transferable, so perfect for gifting your friends!

I will mention that if you are one who is against creators who use templates for their work, the shirts at T Junction are not for you. I know these are made using a specific template because I have other t-shirts that are the same, but I love these, so I kinda don’t mind today. 🙂

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Hair: Stacie in Swedish Blonde by Truth [YAY for the new blonde shade!!]
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Jeans: Garage jeans in Cool Blue by League
Long sleeves: Shrug in White by Torridwear
Jewelry: Delicious Lollipop rings & bangles by SyDS
Poses by Glitterati and ImpEle

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