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I’m in the mood!

When alaMood designer Jori Watler showed me a picture some time ago of a necklace she was making, I squealed in delight because it was just so cute. It was different than any other necklace I had in SL and I loved it at first sight. My love only grew when she did some amazing texture work on it, and then again when she added matching earrings and bangles. [I have a love for bangles that is almost obscene.] I think I’ve worn some part of the Athshe set for the past few days. It’s wonderful!!

How could you not love it? The links of the necklace are not your typical perfect circles or ovals, which I find really refreshing. And that delicate flower etching is TOO cute! The Athshe set comes in Silver, Gold, and Iced. I love the Iced one, it’s so perfect for winter.

Each set contains the necklace, earrings, and bangles for both the right and left wrists, and is a steal at just $350L

You’ll probably see me in more alaMood jewelry as times goes on, because Jori is awesome and her work totally shows it.

Go shopping!!

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