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Today’s Gaze – I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend!

I was wandering around Crush Row last night [truly one of my favorite shopping areas in SL. It’s gorgeous.] and stumbled into Von Ducky. This t-shirt caught my eye and made me laugh, and so… Today’s Gaze was born.

Now is this shirt the highest quality? Nah. You can see the hems aren’t exactly awesome. But it’s so cute, I don’t mind.

Underneath I put on a green shrug & gloves that I picked up from Torridwear I don’t even know HOW long ago. They’ve been in my inventory pretty much since I rezzed, I think. Because the shrugs are on the shirt layer, it makes them PERFECT for putting underneath t-shirts for a layered look. I tinted the green darker that it originally is. I wasn’t sure if you could still get them, but go backstage at Torrid’s store. They’re still there, and you get 6 colors for just $20L. It’s a hell of a deal.

My Garage jeans from League and my PornStar Hi-Tops from Urban Bomb Unit are staples in my inventory. In fact, if clothing in SL wore out ever, these would be falling apart because I wear them so often. League really is my favorite place for jeans, even if they are a little pricier than most places.

Ryker Beck of Exodi has been teasing us on Plurk [along with bad girl Jori Watler!] with glimpses of her new Sienna skin. Yesterday she generously gave her VIP group a preview of Sienna. Look at my face, it is gorgeous!! The whole skin is marvelous, and this is a first for me because I never have managed to look good in any of the Exodi skins before. It always made me sad to see Sophia in them because she looked soooo good and I never did. But Sienna…wow. I love it! I can’t wait for them to be released. The Exodi group is a pay group [$250L], but Ryker spoils us, so it’s worth it. I’m wearing her Zbilja Spirit eyes in Crystal Blue, which were also a group gift.

And to tie it all up, I’m wearing [still] the gorgeous Green II hair in Beach Blond from Maitreya and the Delicious Lollipop rings & bangles from SyDS, one of my favorite fun ring shops. My poses are from Pffiou! which is currently not open while my favorite French girl takes a bit of an SL break.

Oh, and for some reason, the shirt reminded me of this song, which is now embedded in my head. :-p

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