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Tell me about it, stud!

Earlier today a groan went through my group. “New League stuff! I’m going to have to rob a bank!” We say this with love, because we love League!

As soon as I saw the new Studded Scoop Back dresses, I fell in love. A little punk, a lot of sass, these are full of sex appeal.

How do you not fall in LOVE with this dress? I love a great low back and this is SO perfect because it’s not just on the texture of the dress, but also a prim to give it a little extra gorgeousness. And the gloves with the slouchy studded leather cuffs…mmm! You also get the option of silver, gold, or turquoise colored studs.

You can choose one color for $255L or the fatpack for $790L. If I were you, I’d fatpack, because I didn’t and now I’m kicking myself. 🙂

There are also some new super awesome kicks out at League, and the Kate skin now comes in the pale tone. Lots to look at and BUY!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Girls Secret by Hair OH
Hair: Oh My Mohawk in Black by Hair OH
Boots: Black Prestige by Bax
Piercing: Starry Lip Chains by Ellabella
Tattoo: Creeping Roses by Tuli [found earlier this year in a hunt]
Poses by {flowey}


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