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Staged – Cerra Skin!

Do you remember my post on the stunning Mother Nature gown by Staged for the Black Swan event? Well…did you know that designer Dezi Jarvinen is also a skin designer??

The recently released Cerra skins come in 2 tones, pale and tanned, [although I hear a medium tone is also in the works] and in 12 yummy makeups. Let’s take a look! And don’t worry, I don’t do nude reviews, so it’s work safe! Plus there is blurring or light fixing in photoshop in these pictures.

These skins are very natural and my favorite part of the body is definitely the tummy! It’s beautiful and feminine without that too flat or too ripped look that some skins have. And the makeup! Oh my, I just went crazy for all the pretty makeup. The lips are just so full and gorgeous, too!

Now I will be honest, because I try not just to throw rainbows on everything. I admit that there were a few bits I didn’t much like on the skin. The hands are a little wrinkled and the “lady bits” are not ugly, but not exactly pretty. But for as skin picky as I am, they weren’t deal breakers.

The Cerra skins are $899L each or you can fatpack for $5199 [almost half off if you fatpack!!]. While you’re at Staged, check out Dezi’s other skins and her very pretty clothes. There are also 2 dollarbie clothing items and a free gift of some cute jewelry. When you walk in and the menu pops up, choose to get your gift. Now stop reading – go shopping!!

Also in this post:

Hair: Leigh in Anxious Blonde by [in store group gift]
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Lashes: Glamour by Miriel [No longer available]
Bikini: Free.Kini in pink by [In store gift]
Poses by Imperial Elegance


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