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Pffiou! It’s A King!

My adorable friend Laleeta Xue passed me a folder and a cute note the other day asking if maybe I’d review one of her new posesets. Honey, you didn’t even have to ask twice. 🙂

Laleeta’s store, Pffiou! has poses that are just like her – Cute, funky, and a little bit wild. Whenever I need a good “action” style pose, I always look to my Pffiou! posestand first. [I separate all my poses from different stores into different posestands. Easier that way!]

Her latest set for women, It’s A King, is a little less wild than her earlier work, but that makes it a lot better for fashion blogging, which is always a plus to me!

You get 8 poses in the set for just $250L, or you can buy single poses for $35L. There is also a matching male pose set called It’s A Queen, and the prices are the same.

Be sure to check out all the other poses, including a bunch of group and couples poses in the store. And look at the posters! You might even spot yours truly. 😉 Thanks for letting me review for you, Lala!! ❤

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Twiggy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Realism eyes in Icy Blue by FFX3
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: Glam Tank by MichaMi
Shorts: MO Hot Pants in Black by LeLutka
Shoes: Charcoal thongs by Reaction Girl
*R* Coquette Ring by U&R Dogs [Found in The Bunny Hop Hunt]
Custom back tattoo designed for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs


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