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Midnight Mania On Conatus!

Two of my bestest best friends have stores on the same sim [next to the WTFug HQ too!] and they now have Midnight Mania boards!

My friend Natasha Burke has recently started her own shapes store, NataShapes! Her shapes are lovely and very “real girl.” Currenly in her Midnight Mania board, she’s offering her shape Sienna.

Be sure to look at Natasha’s other shapes while you’re at the store. All her shapes are copy/modify, and VERY decently priced at just $100L.

If you’re into prefabs [and really, who isn’t?], then you absolutely MUST go slap the Midnight Mania board at Ingmann Design! Currently in the MM board is a cute rustic home named Grandma’s House.

This little house is a real prim saver at only 29 prims! It’s built to fit on a 512sqm piece of land and is perfect if you want to build a little farm home for yourself. Oh hey, chicken farmers, you can use it for your home and have lots of room available for all your chickens! πŸ™‚ Here are a couple of other views of the house since designer Noelyci Ingmann was nice enough to rez one out for me so I could look at it. You all know how picky I am about my houses. But I knew this would be cute…after all, he DID design my own home. πŸ˜‰

If you don’t get in on the MM board, Grandma’s House is a steal at $250L. Check out all the other awesome prefabs while you’re out there. There are also a lot of eyes, AND a new lucky chair with eyes.

Lots to see on Conatus, and I’ll be out there DJing this Tuesday evening, so it’s the place to be!


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