Jungeun’s RezDay Gift To Us!

Happy Rezday to JE*Republic designer Jungeun Vella!

To celebrate her rezday, she’s given out some cutie sunglasses to her group! Just search JE*Republic in the group search and it should be the first one, or look up her profile. The group is open enrollment and free, so these are truly a gift!

I just love them! And for some reason this picture makes me think of Sweet Valley High and the Wakefield twins. It’s almost 5am, I don’t know. 🙂 But I really love the glasses! They just went out today, so you have 2 weeks to join the group to get them before they’re removed from the archives.

Thanks, Jungeun, and I hope you have a fabulous rezday!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Hope in Fair by Tuli [June picks reward gift]
Hair: Sophia in Platinum by Truth
Shirt: Blondes Do It Better by ::EmJay::
Necklace: Tayzia’s Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Eyebrow piercing by Aisling Easterwood
Pose by {flowey}


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