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Visiting Gwendolyn

As I’ve said before, I love meeting new designers. It’s actually kind of a passion of mine in SL – to find new designers and watch as their talents grow. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Gwendolyn Bieler because of my other blog. She told me that she was an interior decorator, which I always think is kind of cool because I’m horrible at it myself. So a few weeks ago when she mentioned that she was beginning to put some furniture together, I was quite excited. And a few days ago she dropped me a note saying she had opened a store. As soon as I had a free moment, I bounced out there to check things out!

Nestled into a charming little shopping area, Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design is a pretty little shop with pretty furniture! While I was in the shop, Gwendolyn came in and we had the chance to talk a little bit while sitting on the lovely Alice set.

Gwendolyn is quite honest in that she uses builders’ packs of sculpties to put her works together, but most of her textures are her own creations. She is working on more textures [I got to see one she was working on, it’s so awesome!] and will also have texture packs available in the near future. If you rely on textures for your own work, and I know I sure do, you’re definitely going to love what she creates! She wants to help people create cohesive feeling spaces, and would like to be a place not just for furniture, but for entire home design. So when you go to pick up a couch, you will also be able to pick out the matching wallpaper, curtains, etc. I think that’s simply marvelous because I know I so often have trouble figuring out what exactly goes together.

Although the store is still quite small, you can see that Gwendolyn is off to a terrific start!

Keep your eye on this store, because I have a feeling it’s going to just get better and better!!


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